The Tragically HIPAA-Less…

The Tragically HIPAA-Less: Why Keeping Estate Plans up up Date is so Important

Even the most thoughtful, well-crafted estate plan can become a disaster without proper maintenance. The reason is simple: life is change. Some of that change stems from our own choices. Some of it does not. In the estate planning context, HIPAA waiv… Read More
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LGBTQ Clients and Divorce…

LGBTQ Clients and Divorce: What Lawyers Should Know

LGBTQ clients are just like any other clients who walk into a divorce attorney’s office—and LGBTQ clients may also have very different experiences and needs. Those two statements might seem like polar opposites, but they are both true. Any person… Read More
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Getting Through Divorce:…

Getting Through Divorce: When It Feels Worst, It’s About to Get Better

“It’s always darkest just before the dawn.” It’s a saying you’ve heard hundreds of times, and it’s usually said by someone standing in a different “time zone,” where they are already in the light. Meanwhile, you may be stuck in a plac… Read More
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25 Co-Parents & Alcohol

The statistics for mothers and fathers daily use of alcohol just to cope with the stress of co-parenting is, excuse the term – sobering.  This podcast explores legal implications when one parent or the other is dealing with the difficulties o… Read More
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Modifying Minnesota Spous…

Modifying Minnesota Spousal Support: Lessons from In re: Marriage of Madden

The Minnesota Court of Appeals recently decided a case that could have implications for future cases involving spousal support in the state—not to mention existing spousal support cases. Let’s take a look at what In re: Marriage of Madden has to… Read More
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Categories: Costs in Divorce

24 Don’t Trust Your Ex

  Of all the people in life that a person would like to trust to have their best interests in mind, during or after a divorce, it turns out, your Ex – Spouse, Partner, etc. is not usually one of them.  This episode explores some of the main… Read More
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When is Divorce the Best…

When is Divorce the Best Choice?

When is divorce the best choice? Nobody plans to get divorced. Almost everyone who gets married hopes and believes it is the start of “happily ever after,” despite statistics that suggest almost half of all marriages end in divorce. When it turns… Read More
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23 Step Parent Adoption

One of the most joyful things that families can experience is when a step parent makes the major transition to becoming a child’s adoptive parent.  In this podcast you’ll learn about the three basic steps in this legal process.  It’s both in… Read More
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Understanding Contracts a…

Understanding Contracts and Divorce

Let’s talk about contracts, especially contracts and divorce.  A contract has three elements to it. There is an offer, an acceptance and something lawyers call “consideration.”  So when you want to buy a car, the offer is for the car dealer t… Read More
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What is a Motion for Temp…

What is a Motion for Temporary Relief?

Before you file for divorce, you are simply married; After your divorce is granted, you are simply divorced, and  your divorce decree becomes the “private law” of your divorce. In between, while you are still technically married, your relationsh… Read More
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