The Mission of Mundahl Law, PLLC.

In the soul of every person is the striving to find connection in this life. To some it is a connection to another person, children, other family and friends. To others it is a connection to a course of action or experience. For all of us here on earth this means interacting with others. When trouble arises and we find ourselves in legal actions affecting our relations with our spouse, our children, or the law, it is the Mission of Mundahl Law, PLLC, to assist the individual to a satisfactory, practical, reasonable and life affirming resolution.

Welcome to Mundahl Law. We are a law firm that focuses our practice exclusively in area of family law. Our attorneys are dedicated to providing excellent legal representation. We know that you may need assistance overcoming difficult situations and our firm understands that every client is different.

We know that your situation is of paramount importance, and we focus our experience and knowledge to resolve the legal issues that you face. We believe in representation that is client-centered, and we treat our clients with the respect they deserve.

We focus on our clients, working in collaboration in order to aid them through the difficulties they face with compassion and respect. Rather than splinter our focus by dabbling in many different practice areas, our attorneys focus on specific areas of law, creating a knowledge base that will benefit their clients.

pheonixOur logo, the phoenix, is symbolic of our belief that even from the ashes of their current legal situation our clients can rise up to be stronger than before. We are there for our clients during their most difficult times, standing ready to help them create a better, more positive future from the ashes of misfortune.

We are dedicated to our clients in the Northwest Metro area and the I-94 corridor. If you want to speak to an attorney whose focus is on solving your legal problems, contact us today. We look forward to working with you.


I can not thank [Mundahl Law] enough for [your] continued support and compassion with my case. This ordeal has not only been a frustrating one – but also extremely alarming and scary. I am very grateful that [Mundahl Law] was there to comfor…
– Carrie
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