Family law encompasses many issues that face individuals and families, from property settlements, spousal maintenance, and non-marital interests, to child custody and support, third-party custody, and adoption matters.

At Mundahl Law, we believe in working together with you to find the best possible solution to your legal needs. Rather than create contention, we work toward a cooperative process. When the other party isn’t willing to cooperate, or that isn’t in your best interests, we are willing and able to advocate vigorously for you at trial.

If you have minor children, we believe, as you do, that their best interests come first. We work with you to make sure your children’s needs are met. Our belief is that in most cases, children need both parents in their life; that they deserve a safe and stable home environment; and that parenting plans should be practical and child-centered.

Our attorneys have specific areas of focus within family law in order to best represent you. For more information on each specific area, please see below. To learn more about 5 of the things a family lawyer can do for you read our blog.

Located in Maple Grove, Mundahl Law PPLC serves Hennepin County and the surrounding areas of Minnesota, including Plymouth, Rogers, and Buffalo. If you need an experienced and compassionate Minnesota family law attorney, contact Mundahl Law online or call us at (763) 575-7930 so that we can start helping you resolve your family law issue.


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