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At Mundahl Law, we believe in offering our clients the best, most conscientious legal representation for their family law, estate planning, and Minnesota probate matters. From our office in Maple Grove, Minnesota, we serve clients in Hennepin County and the surrounding area, including Buffalo, Rogers, and Plymouth.

Divorce & Family Law

Family law encompasses many issues that face individuals and families, from property settlements, spousal maintenance, and non-marital interests, to child custody and support, third-party custody, and adoption matters.  At Mundahl Law, we believe in working together with you to find the best possible solution to your legal needs. Rather than create contention, we work toward a cooperative process. When the other party isn’t willing to cooperate, or that isn’t in your best interests, we are willing and able to advocate vigorously for you at trial. If you have minor children, we believe, as you do, that their best interests come… Read More


Every marriage is different; so is every divorce. Because every divorcing couple has a different dynamic and their own particular needs when it comes to unwinding their marriage, it makes sense to work with divorce attorneys who offer a variety of options to best meet those needs.  At Mundahl Law, our divorce attorneys design your divorce process based on your unique circumstances. Divorce Options for Minnesota Couples Many attorneys offer divorce according to a “one size fits all” model: litigation. Filing a lawsuit is the most common and best-known way to begin a divorce, but it is not the only… Read More

Child Custody

Child & Spousal Support

LBGTQ Family Law


Second/Step-Parent Adoptions

Estate Planning

Estate planning makes sense on a number of levels. If it’s done in an effective and thoughtful way, it can spare loved ones from having to make heart-wrenching choices about your care if you are ever incapacitated. It can keep the assets you worked so hard for in life from being wasted on legal fees. It can allow your family to focus on being there for each other during a time of grief instead of on probate. Estate planning really is an investment in your family’s future well-being. In fact, it is essential. And yet, for a lot of different… Read More

Family Mediation

Mediation is a confidential form of alternative dispute resolution, where the parties are assisted by a neutral third party to negotiate a settlement.  The mediator does not represent either party and does not give either party legal advice. The purpose of the mediator is to keep the lines of communication open between the parties.  The mediator is there to help brainstorm ideas, sometimes provide a reality check, and assist the parties in their decision-making processes.  The mediator helps to referee when the parties get off track.  Mediation allows the parties to air their grievances in a safe, controlled setting and… Read More

Probate Law

Probate isn’t necessarily good or bad. It’s only a process where there is court supervision of the resolution of a deceased person’s estate.  As with any process, completing it requires taking specific steps in a specific order. The difficulty for most people comes from trying to learn this unfamiliar and sometimes complicated process while also grieving the recent loss of a close family member. For this reason alone, probate often feels overwhelming. At Mundahl Law PLLC, our guidance for navigating the probate process in Hennepin County and the surrounding area of central Minnesota will allow you to focus on your… Read More