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I have been an attorney for nearly 30 years, and have spent the vast majority of my legal career concentrating exclusively in the area of family law. Like most family law attorneys, I entered this practice area because I care deeply about children… Read More


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My journey here at Mundahl Law began on June 1st, 2018. I graduated from Armstrong High School in June 2016, and graduated with an A. A. in Paralegal Studies from Minneapolis Business College in December of 2017. I immediately started work as a paralegal for a personal injury attorney. Realizing that my heart wasn’t deeply invested in the field, I made the drastic, yet truthful, change of working for Susan Mundahl in the area of family law. It has been my dearest dream to be able to assist people during the most devastating times of their lives. Tragic stories and personal experiences have motivated me to be the person to lean on for others and seek the best resolutions for them. I am genuinely more than ecstatic to have the opportunity to assist our clients. While I am not working, I can be found spending quality time with my friends and family, exploring new restaurants, shopping with my loved ones, or travelling around the cities. Read More
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Robin first met Susan as a client. Susan saw something in Robin she knew she wanted in an employee. Since then, Robin has become the heart of the office at Mundahl Law, PLLC. Robin has a natural kindness and warmth, which includes her endearing Southern accent and charm. When she isn’t working, Robin is a coffee enthusiast who enjoys spending time with her two grown sons and her Jack Russell terrier.   Read More
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David is a man of many talents. He is the IT person, office administrator and everything else we need him to be. David is a true performer at heart. He has been educated as a performing artist under such teachers as Marcel Marceau, Margolis – Brown, and the Fred Astaire Dance Studio, and is still very active in various theater communities. He gets his IT background from his work in the radio industry and in data base management engineering recruitment. Fun Fact: David is Susan’s twin brother. Read More


Susan has been excellent working on my case. She has worked many hours on my case. She always answers my questions and knows what’s going on with the case. Thank you, Susan! Read More
– Joel V.

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