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Susan Mundahl represented me in a visitation/support modification case in 2011. My ex-wife and I do not agree on any facet of parenting and the process was complicated and wrought with emotion. Not only did Susan handle my case with promptness and extreme efficiency, she was also sensitive to anguish that I was experiencing at the time. Each request that I made of Susan was executed to exacting standards. Never once did I have to wait for a response, nor did I ever have any question that was not answered fully and in a way that I clearly understood. I feel that without Susan on my case I could have never gotten the settlement that I received. I think of Susan as one of the people who made what was a terrible situation better by being available and attentive to my needs as her client. I would recommend Susan Mundahl to anyone who has decided to end their marriage or revisit existing divorce conditions. She truly cares about her clients and most importantly the children involved!

Thank you Susan!

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