Kristen K.

I found Susan through a website allowing you to search lawyers. She stood out mostly because of the credentials listed below her name and being she was in family law I knew it could be a place to start. I had interviewed a few other lawyers, and based on the technicalities of my case, Susan was the first to confirm that the way I wanted things to end was possible. I do know that not everything goes in a client's favor but I knew deep down I had to try. Throughout my entire case Susan had great communication. If I had questions, she always responded in a very timely matter. My case was between two counties (Not near each other by any means) and Susan did whatever we could to save money here and there knowing that not everyone has an endless supply of it. To this day, I have little things that seem to keep trickling through and she is still right there to answer my questions and follow up with what needs to be done. She is a notch above the rest, I am very happy to have found her!

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