The process of getting divorced has been difficult and challenging. I'm grateful I began this journey with Mundahl Law.

[My attorney] has been a calm amidst the storm. [She] knows my case and personal situation and has represented me well throughout this entire process. [She] has shown she confidently stands with me amidst the chaos and upsets that have occurred with my divorce.

The entire staff at Mundahl Law work together as a team and are directly or indirectly involved. This includes the paralegal. She has been detailed, specific, encouraging and respectful.

It was amazing having Mundahl Law represent me in court. Experience and expertise came together to defend me valiantly. [My attorney] prepared me to testify, presented my evidence and questioned and cross examined the witnesses in an in-depth and respectful manner. I was informed and involved every step of the way. Every inconsistency was unearthed, lies exposed, and the heart of my situation given the voice it needed.

I'm nearing the end of this process and feel relieved to have gotten this far. I am convinced the best possible case for my children and myself was presented at trial because of the quality representation from Mundahl Law. I now trust the judge has the necessary information to make her determination and I'm hopeful for our future.