Step-Parent Adoptions

More than 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Many of those divorced people are parents who marry another person who becomes an integral part of their children's lives.

There are occasions where a step-parent will wish to become the legal, adoptive parent of their stepchildren. These adoptions are a joyful, positive part of our practice; we believe we are helping create a family who puts the best interests of their children first, by creating a home environment where both parents are involved with their children's lives.

The reasons for becoming adoptive parents are many, and are also faced by same-sex adoptive parents. Where both parents are legally the parents of the children at issue, the legal ramifications are many. Adoptive parents are able to carry children on their health insurance, will have their opinions be considered during important decision making instances. Adoptive children will be legally considered in the same legal situation as natural born children, and are therefore fully in line for inheritances.

At Mundahl Law, we strive to create the best possible environment for children, and are pleased and proud to be able to offer our services to step-parents and same sex parents who wish to become the legally adoptive parents of the children who are such an integral part of their lives.

Attorneys:  Susan J. Mundahl


I found Susan through a website allowing you to search lawyers. She stood out mostly because of the credentials listed below her name and being she was in family law I knew it could be a place to start. I had interviewed a few other lawyers, and base… Read More
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