Child Custody

A divorce means the end of not only a marriage, but also the creation of new relationships between formerly married partners. Those with children understand that while their relationship ceases to exist, the relationship each parent has with their children continues and may take on a new aspect. The best situation is when parents create bi-nuclear families assisting their children transition between both parent's home with a minimum of conflict.

Child custody can become very contentious when parents put their needs ahead of the needs of their children. While no parent wants to put their children in a harmful situation, the truth of the matter is that children may sometimes become pawns in divorce proceedings. Child custody situations must be handled with care and concern, and the best interests of the children are paramount in making every decision.

Ms. Mundahl works with her clients in order to create the best possible result for child custody issues. With years of experience behind her, Ms. Mundahl is recognized in her field as an expert, and is often referred cases by attorneys who are searching for the best solution for their client's needs.

Child custody agreements are not static. They are often fluid and change when the parents' circumstances change. If a parent finds himself in a situation where he wishes to see his child more often, our attorneys will work with him to ensure that he is able to do so. Sometimes the best intentions of parents at the time of a divorce do not foresee changes that occur in the future. These changes should be taken into account and child custody issues should be resolved so that both parents are able to spend quality and quantity time with their children. Susan not only brings a wealth of professional experience to this arena but she has successfully raised two children for the past 22 years in a joint custody situation. She knows what works and what doesn't.

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