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Does My Overtime Count When Calculating Minnesota Child Support?

Minnesota parents who pay child support (obligors) and parents who receive it (obligees) are often concerned about whether the amount of child support… Read More
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How Does Self-Employment Income Affect Minnesota Child Support?

In Minnesota, ​child support is calculated according to guidelines set forth by the state legislature. Of course, calculations are only as good a… Read More
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Minnesota Six-Month Reviews of Parenting Time and Child Support

What happens after the decree is final, the divorce is over, and the dust settles? Ideally, families should settle into the routine of their “ne… Read More
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Basics of Calculating Minnesota Child Support

Under Minnesota law, both parents are obligated to support their children in accordance with their respective incomes. The state calculates child supp… Read More
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Custody Labels: Do They Matter in Minnesota?

In Minnesota, it used to matter a great deal, on multiple levels, how a parent’s custodial relationship to his or her child was described. Custo… Read More
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Co-Parenting: What Does It Really Mean for Minnesota Families?

When Minnesota parents divorce or separate, their relationship doesn’t end. Instead, it transforms from a romantic relationship into a co-parent… Read More
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Communicating Effectively With Your Child's Other Parent

If you have a child with another person, whether you’re divorced or have never been married, you know that it is impossible to completely sever… Read More
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What Unmarried New Fathers in Minnesota Must Know

When is a father not a father? In Minnesota, the answer is sometimes, “when he’s not married to his child’s mother.” That is t… Read More
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The 2/2/5/5 Parenting Schedule: Important Considerations

Minnesota, like other states, operates on the premise that it is in a child’s best interests to have regular, frequent, and meaningful contact w… Read More
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School Choice

Its getting to be that time of year again, back to school. Which for some parents is a great relief, but for separated parents it can be quite stressf… Read More
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Helpful Books on Co-parenting

One of the most challenging aspects of any divorce can be learning how to cope with the changes that divorce brings, after the papers have been signed… Read More
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At What Age Can My Kid Decide to Live With Me?

For parents going through a divorce or attempting to modify a custody order, this is a question that is often on their minds.  Iin Minnesota, this qu… Read More
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How Can I Modify Child Custody?

A child custody order will invariably affect the wellbeing of your children and influence the dynamics of your family life.  We often hear from conce… Read More
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Kids & Taxes: It’s not as easy as Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

One of the thorniest issues in a divorce or custody and parenting time matter is who gets to claim the kids on their income tax returns.  It should n… Read More
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