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Learning to Trust: Parent…

Learning to Trust: Parenting Time and Very Young Children

It’s completely natural for you, as a parent, to want to spend as much time with your baby as possible. And, of course, your baby needs to devel… Read More
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“Children Are Not Backp…

“Children Are Not Backpacks:” Whose Needs Does Your Parenting Schedule Serve?

When parents can no longer live together, one of the first orders of business is to figure out how each of them will spend time with their children. T… Read More
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Cooperating in Co-Parenti…

Cooperating in Co-Parenting: How it Affects Custody

One of the “best interests” factors that Minnesota courts consider in custody disputes is “the willingness and ability of parents to cooperate i… Read More
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Keeping Your Child Connec…

Keeping Your Child Connected to Their Other Parent

You probably had excellent reasons for ending your marriage or your relationship with your child’s other parent. Those reasons may have included… Read More
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Parenting Time with Both…

Parenting Time with Both Parents: How it Matters

How important is it for your children to spend time with you? If you’re like most parents, you’d say it’s very important. When you s… Read More
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“I Should Have Known Be…

“I Should Have Known Better:” First-Person Divorce Stories

We at Mundahl Law regularly blog about family law issues, but from time to time, we’ll be sharing this space with clients and others who have ex… Read More
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Maintaining Your Child's…

Maintaining Your Child's Important Relationships

“It’s not just about you!” How many times have you heard someone say that? Ordinarily, it’s meant to snap people out of a self-centere… Read More
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How Major Life Changes Af…

How Major Life Changes Affect Your Child, and Your Custody

Studies have shown that when undergoing life changes, the more control people have over a transition, the more successfully they navigate it. Divorce,… Read More
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Are You Willing and Able…

Are You Willing and Able to Meet Your Child's Ongoing Needs?

How willing and able are you to fulfill your child’s various ongoing needs? How you answer that question may have a serious impact on your custo… Read More
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Physical, Mental, and Che…

Physical, Mental, and Chemical Health: How They Affect Your Minnesota Custody Case

In this latest installment of our series of blog posts on Minnesota child custody law, we’ll focus on parents’ health issues, and the impa… Read More
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Caretaking and Custody: W…

Caretaking and Custody: What Has Changed in Minnesota

Not all that long ago, two assumptions were prevalent in family law: one parent, almost always the mother, was the “primary caretaker” of the chil… Read More
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“The Reasonable Prefere…

“The Reasonable Preference of the Child” in Minnesota Custody Cases

As we’ve discussed in recent blog posts, Minnesota custody law, which is based on the “best interests of the child,” has recently updated th… Read More
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Children with Special Nee…

Children with Special Needs and Minnesota Custody Determinations

In our last blog post, we reviewed the state legislature’s significant changes to the “best interests” factors that Minnesota judges… Read More
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Minnesota's “Best Interests” Factors: What's New in 2015

In Minnesota, child custody decisions are made based on the “best interests” of the children involved. Like other states, Minnesota has a list of… Read More
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Divorce and Your Children's Developmental Stages

Divorce is difficult for the adults going through it, but as tough as it may be, adults have a couple of things going for them: they have some measure… Read More
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