Hiring an attorney is never an easy decision, but working with Susan was one of the best decisions we made. She guided us through a years-long stepparent adoption that was not only legally complex but also emotionally challenging. Susan handled our case with incredible care and professionalism, making us feel supported every step of the way.

From the beginning, Susan treated my children with the utmost respect, honoring their pronouns and making them feel valued, seen, and heard. Her ability to be both fierce when needed and compassionate in her explanations was truly remarkable. She made sure we understood every part of the process and always felt confident moving forward.

A special mention goes to her wonderful office staff. They were consistently helpful, going above and beyond to support us, and even came with us to the final adoption hearing. Their presence made an already special moment even more memorable.

Thanks to Susan, we were able to solidify our family in a way that felt profoundly meaningful and joyous. She helped us become the family we always were at heart. I have never felt more seen and respected throughout this journey. If you’re looking for an attorney who combines professionalism with genuine care, I wholeheartedly recommend Susan.