Barbara R.

I was at my breaking point, after 50 years in an increasingly abusive marriage. My husband controlled the finances; I was a housewife and mother. He always said if I left him, I'd have nothing. Now he wants me to leave our home and won't support me. At age 70, I'll need to find a job and an apartment, he says. I had spoken to a lawyer 20 years before, was too afraid to follow through, and dropped the idea. On a friend's suggestion I went to Susan's office, shaking with fear of what I was doing. My first question was how I could possibly survive, basically food and shelter. He said all our assets belonged to him and I had earned nothing. I also was apprehensive of possible retaliation. Susan calmly assured me there are laws to protect women like me. She guided me step by step and was patient with my ignorance and fear. I began to calm down and hope for a better life. My case was complicated and Susan wisely knew when there was need for experts and how to get information being hidden by a clever and stubborn opponent. She was honest about costs and time involved and let my decisions determine our path. In what I consider the fight of my life, I was in good hands with Susan.

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