Paternity issues bring with them many mixed emotions. If you are a father in need of establishing paternity for your child, our attorneys are here to help. A child born during a marriage is considered a child of the parties during that marriage. A child born out of wedlock must have his or her paternity established either at the time of birth by signing a recognition of parentage, or by the father acknowledging the birth or by means of a paternity suit, which will require a man to submit to a paternity test.

It is important for your child's paternity to be correctly established. Not only do issues of parentage and child support and custody become issues that loom large, but issues of inheritance will also come into effect later in life. At Mundahl Law, our first goal is to give you information regarding your legal rights to your child. If you have any doubts regarding your parentage, we can assist you through the DNA testing process and later the custody and parenting time process.

This issue should be handled with compassion and dexterity. At Mundahl Law, we believe in working with individuals to establish a legal relationship with their child or children. A child needs to know who his father is, and that parentage must be established without question where there are issues of concern raised.

Attorneys:  Susan J. Mundahl


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