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Every marriage is different; so is every divorce. Because every divorcing couple has a different dynamic and their own particular needs when it comes to unwinding their marriage, it makes sense to work with divorce attorneys who offer a variety of options to best meet those needs.

Divorce Options for Minnesota Couples

Many attorneys, particularly those who don't concentrate their practice exclusively in family law, offer divorce according to a “one size fits all” model: litigation. Filing a lawsuit is the most common and best-known way to begin a divorce, but it is not the only way, and often, it is not the best way. Going through divorce is difficult enough; at Mundahl Law, we are committed to reducing the stress and hostility of the Minnesota divorce process by helping our clients divorce in a way that is best for them. The divorce options we offer include:

  • Collaborative Divorce, a process in which parties and their attorneys agree not to litigate the divorce. This allows the parties to communicate openly and honestly, without fear that what they say will be used against them in court. Collaborative divorce helps couples identify their needs and negotiate resolutions to issues in their divorce that work for both parties and their children. Other professionals, such as financial neutrals and child specialists, are available to help the parties resolve issues relating to their areas of practice. Collaborative divorce is a child-friendly process and is often a good choice for couples who will need to co-parent after divorce. It is worth considering for any couple that wants to divorce in a dignified, respectful way and maintain control over the terms of their divorce. Collaborative divorce is not a good choice for couples in which the spouses cannot trust each other to be honest or in which there is an unequal balance of power.
  • Mediation, in which a neutral mediator assists the divorcing parties in identifying and resolving issues. Attorneys may or may not be involved, and the mediator is not allowed to advise either party. The mediator facilitates communication between parties and guides them toward reaching a divorce settlement agreement tailored to their needs. Mediation is a good choice for parties who are motivated to negotiate an agreement but have trouble reaching it on their own. Mediation may not be the best option for couples in which there is a power imbalance, such as with domestic violence.
  • Litigation, which involves filing a court case so that the divorce matter will be assigned to and overseen by a judge. Some litigated divorces end in trial, though the vast majority settle at some point before trial. Litigated divorce may be a good option for couples who want the structure of the court process, who prefer communicating through their attorneys, or if there is a serious power imbalance in the marriage.
  • Joint Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, also known as an uncontested divorce. This may be a good, efficient option for couples who do not have children or significant assets and who agree on all issues relating to their divorce. However, it's still recommended for parties to an uncontested divorce to sit down with an attorney before signing an agreement to make sure they understand all the implications of that agreement.

Experienced Maple Grove, MN Divorce Attorneys

The attorneys of Mundahl Law are experienced in all of the divorce options identified above, and we take the time to listen to our clients to gain an in-depth understanding of their needs and goals in divorce. We pride ourselves on helping our clients divorce in the least contentious and most dignified way possible. However, we understand that sometimes the only way to achieve a just result is to fight for it, and we are committed, above all, to doing whatever is necessary to help our clients achieve the outcome they need in their divorce.

Let Mundahl Law help you move forward into the future you deserve. Located in Maple Grove, Mundahl Law serves Hennepin County and the surrounding areas of Minnesota. We invite you to contact us online or via phone at (763) 575-7930. We look forward to working with you.


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