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At Mundahl Law, we believe in offering our clients the best, most conscientious legal representation for their family law and criminal defense issues.

Family Law

Family law encompasses many issues that face individuals and families, from property settlements, spousal maintenance, non-marital interests, to child custody and support, to third party custody and adoption matters. At Mundahl Law, we believe in wo… Read More


Every marriage is different; so is every divorce. Because every divorcing couple has a different dynamic and their own particular needs when it comes to unwinding their marriage, it makes sense to work with divorce attorneys who offer a variety of op… Read More

Divorce Without Children

Divorce for couples without children can involve its own special challenges, especially for professional couples who have accumulated significant assets during the marriage. Whether or not you have children, the end of your marriage is a difficult lo… Read More

Divorce for Small Business Owners

For self-employed Minnesota professionals and small business owners, divorce poses a unique set of challenges. How will the business be managed during the divorce process? Will the necessary sharing of financial information with a spouse during divor… Read More

High-Asset Divorce

All divorces carry the potential for significant conflict, but when the marriage involves extensive or complex assets, the likelihood of conflict goes up, driving the emotional and financial cost of the divorce up with it. At Mundahl Law, we understa… Read More

Child Custody

A divorce means the end of not only a marriage, but also the creation of new relationships between formerly married partners. Those with children understand that while their relationship ceases to exist, the relationship each parent has with their ch… Read More

Child & Spousal Support

It is important to understand that child and spousal support are major issues that arise during divorce proceedings. These issues can sometimes become frustrating for both parties, but the most important thing to remember is that your attorney will b… Read More


Paternity issues bring with them many mixed emotions. If you are a father in need of establishing paternity for your child, our attorneys are here to help. A child born during a marriage is considered a child of the parties during that marriage. A ch… Read More

Step-Parent Adoptions

More than 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Many of those divorced people are parents who marry another person who becomes an integral part of their children’s lives. There are occasions where a step-parent will wish to become the legal, ado… Read More

LGBTQ Families

Minnesota families with LGBTQ spouses and parents have many of the same legal issues as those with opposite-sex partners, but they have some unique needs as well. At Mundahl Law, we are proud to serve LGBTQ individuals and their families with a varie… Read More

Appellate Law

Is the process of appealing a judgment or order to the Minnesota Court of Appeals.  In Minnesota, all cases begin at the district court level in the county where one party resides.  When the matter is fully concluded, one party may be unsatisfied w… Read More

Estate Planning

Estate planning includes wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and healthcare directives. Everyone has an estate, and at Mundahl Law, we can help you plan for those items. Through a will or trust, you are able to decide how your property will be passed… Read More

Probate Law

Probate is the process through which the county courts distribute the assets owned by a person after they pass away. This process can be confusing and overwhelming for the family, and having a trusted attorney walk through the process can help allevi… Read More


Mediation is a confidential form of alternative dispute resolution, where the parties are assisted by a neutral third party to negotiate a settlement.  The mediator does not represent either party and does not give either party legal advice.  The p… Read More

Limited Scope Representation

For some, attorneys’ fees for a divorce or custody case can be intimidating. Maybe you want to handle the case on your own, but just need some advice on a few items or need someone to draft the paperwork. Perhaps the idea of appearing in court is t… Read More


Susan and All- I wish to thank everyone in your office in helping me come through the last two years. I feel at peace and have a stronger faith in God. Thanks again. God Bless.  Read More
– Bernice W.

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