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Phases of Divorce

Phases of Divorce

Phases of Divorce Beginning with the Summons and Petition, all the way to the Final Decree, an attorney with 30 years of experience in family law will help listeners of this podcast to understand the fundamental structure of how a divorce can work.  The encouragement to a well thought out settlement helps the understanding of balance for the family moving forward. https://www.fromtheashescast.com/family-law/2018/11/20/22-phases-of-divorce/
Parents of Divorce

Parents of Divorce

Parents of Divorce This episode acknowledges the inherent emotional difficulties of divorce. It is directed specifically to assisting parents in making better advised choices when interacting with their children or their spouse at any point during the process of letting go and moving on. https://www.fromtheashescast.com/family-law/2018/05/16/21-parents-of-divorce/
Children of Divorce

Children of Divorce

Children of Divorce The fact of any person’s parents being or getting divorced can bring with it some difficulties and even painful struggles. This episode features suggestions for acknowledging the strife, realizing it’s not your fault, forgiving and moving on with your life. 20 Children of Divorce
Why Hire an Attorney for…

Why Hire an Attorney for Your Divorce?

Why Hire an Attorney for… Sometimes there can be thoughts or suggestions to try and navigate the legal system on your own when going through a marriage break-up or dissolution. In this episode, an experienced Family Law Attorney covers several points that explain why it’s a much better idea to hire an attorney to handle your divorce. https://www.fromtheashescast.com/family-law/2018/01/18/19-hire-attorney-divorce/  
Things to ask When Hiring…

Things to ask When Hiring an Attorney

Things to ask When Hiring… When looking to hire an attorney, it’s good to know what to ask in order to find the right one for your particular case. An experienced attorney discusses a few of these important questions in this episode that should help for making a better decision. https://www.fromtheashescast.com/family-law/2018/01/01/18-things-ask-hiring-attorney/
What's an ICMC?

What's an ICMC?

What's an ICMC? The process of divorce today is a bit different than in the past, it often begins with a court hearing that’s commonly called an ICMC. This episode describes how an ICMC (Initial Case Management Conference) will lead a couple involved in dividing their lives (and property) to some effective resolution alternatives, and ultimately to a more amicable dissolution of their marriage. https://www.fromtheashescast.com/family-law/2017/11/13/17-icmc-initiate-resolution/
Things Not to Do During a…

Things Not to Do During a Divorce

Things Not to Do During a… Since having a divorce can often be a stressful and disturbing process, couples involved in one can sometimes make choices that are less than desirable for a better outcome to their cases. Here are some suggestions for keeping the procedure as civil as possible for a more amenable result for both parties and their families. https://www.fromtheashescast.com/family-law/2017/10/25/16-things-not-divorce/
Keep Legal Costs Down

Keep Legal Costs Down

Keep Legal Costs Down There’s often concern expressed, particularly at the beginning of a case, about the ultimate costs of a family law matter. An attorney experienced in advising clients and potential clients in this regard will address these concerns directly in this episode. https://www.fromtheashescast.com/family-law/2017/10/09/15-keep-legal-costs/
Children’s Date Night

Children’s Date Night

Children’s Date Night A Date Night with your Kids can be a good way for each of you to be able to see things a bit more eye-to-eye and have some fun doing so. This episode explores a number of ideas to improve the quality of communication between parents and their children. As well as stressing the importance of understanding the developmental stages of each person’s growth throughout life. https://www.fromtheashescast.com/family-law/2017/09/07/13-childrens-date-night/  
Prenuptial / Antenuptial…

Prenuptial / Antenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial / Antenuptial… “Should we have a Prenuptial Agreement?” is a question commonly asked by many couples as they’re considering their marriage possibilities. Also known as an Antenuptial Agreement, this episode answers many of the main areas of concern and how this legal arrangement may help some intended spouses before they get married. https://www.fromtheashescast.com/family-law/2017/09/13/14-prenuptial-antenuptial-agreements/  
Things to Find Out Before…

Things to Find Out Before Getting Married

Things to Find Out Before… Love may conquer all, but it helps if that love is grounded in a deeper knowledge about your partner. In this episode of the podcast, an experienced family law attorney talks about what to find out before you get married so you can make sure that your love and marriage have a firm foundation. https://www.fromtheashescast.com/family-law/2017/07/17/06-things-find-getting-married/  
Parenting Time – Balanc…

Parenting Time – Balancing the Schedule

Parenting Time – Balanc… As parents may move in other directions from each other, unless there are adverse circumstances, children more often than not look to each parent as important in their lives. This is an episode that promotes a fair outlook to the kind of flexibility required in a parenting structure that considers both parents as vital to each child’s developmental growth. https://www.fromtheashescast.com/family-law/2017/08/31/12-parenting-time-balancing-schedule/  
The Grief Cycle and Divor…

The Grief Cycle and Divorce

The Grief Cycle and Divor… It’s important to understand that not only the couple involved in divorce but all of the family will be experiencing the emotional effects as well. This episode allows us to realize various stages of grief as well as ultimately accepting the process to move on to a new life. https://www.fromtheashescast.com/family-law/2017/08/17/09-grief-cycle-divorce/    
Property – What’s Mar…

Property – What’s Marital or Non-Marital?

Property – What’s Mar… Sometimes in a divorce, questions may arise about, ‘who’s property is who’s?’ This episode will explain many of the distinctions to be made in regard to what property is owned by what person outside of the marriage contract and what property was owned together. Also what goes into dividing the Marital Property as equally as possible. https://www.fromtheashescast.com/family-law/2017/08/24/10-property-whats-marital-non-marital/  
A Good Attorney – How D…

A Good Attorney – How Do I Know?

A Good Attorney – How D… When in the mode of hiring an attorney, a common question that’s asked, is, “How do I know if they’re a Good Attorney?” This episode will help to explain the three basic questions you’ll want to ask. https://www.fromtheashescast.com/family-law/2017/08/28/11-good-attorney-know/  
Summons - The Big Time Ou…

Summons - The Big Time Out

Summons - The Big Time Ou… Receiving or having to issue a Summons (& Petition) for a divorce can often be a daunting proposition. One of the first questions usually asked, “…what are the ground rules?” In this episode, an attorney explains the basic guidelines to be followed whether serving or being served some of the first documents to a marriage dissolution. https://www.fromtheashescast.com/family-law/2017/08/08/08-summons-big-time/  
Top Reasons to Settle You…

Top Reasons to Settle Your Divorce Without a Trial

Top Reasons to Settle You… If you’re interested in one of the outcomes of a divorce being; not to spend as much as it can often take if it goes to trial, this episode will allow a person to think it through before things might go a bit too far. It’s basically a Top Ten look at some rational ideas to not only avoid the great expense of a trial, but also to help keep many of your peripheral family relationships in better shape as well. https://www.fromtheashescast.com/family-law/2017/07/17/05-top-reasons-settle-divorce-without-trial/  
OFP 101 - Basics for Both…

OFP 101 - Basics for Both Sides

OFP 101 - Basics for Both… Orders for Protection can at times become necessary to consider if someone is facing a threat of violence by someone else, and sometimes just as dire if being served with one. This episode takes a basic look at some steps to take for filing an OFP, also what to do if needing to respond to one. https://www.fromtheashescast.com/family-law/2017/07/17/04-ofp-101-basics-sides/  
Mediation Process

Mediation Process

Mediation Process During the course of trying to arrive at a settlement to a dissolution/divorce matter, it’s important to consider that a mediator can often be extremely helpful in assisting couples to make good decisions and compromises for themselves and their families. This episode takes a brief but comprehensive look at this type of alternative dispute resolution. https://www.fromtheashescast.com/family-law/2017/07/17/03-mediation-process/  
Pets and Divorce

Pets and Divorce

Pets and Divorce Dealing with beloved family pets can be unexpectedly challenging in divorce, especially when both spouses are attached to an animal. This episode of the podcast will try to dispel some misconceptions and shed some light on how courts tend to address the issue of pets as “property” in a divorce. https://www.fromtheashescast.com/family-law/2017/08/08/07-pets-divorce/  
Divorce 101 - The Legal P…

Divorce 101 - The Legal Process

Divorce 101 - The Legal P… One of the main concerns of anyone considering divorce is that they don’t have a clear idea of what will happen during or as a result of the process. In this episode a couple of attorneys will walk through the basics of what takes place in a negotiation of a differing sort of agreement than a marriage contract. Perhaps not one in which each party feels like the winner, but hopefully an arrangement that they and their families can each live with. https://www.fromtheashescast.com/family-law/2017/07/17/02-divorce-101-legal-process/  


[My attorney] was introduced to my post decree custody case after several hundred pages of affidavits had been submitted to court. Opposing counsel was organized and had endless money to fight me. I had a horrible experience with lawyers prior to fi…
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