Do you need a divorce, but hesitate filing for divorce yourself and at the thought of either incurring huge legal bills or going it alone? Do you feel that you could handle many aspects of the divorce process yourself, but that you would still want some legal guidance to be sure you're on track?

Fortunately, you don't have to choose between retaining a lawyer to handle everything and managing your case entirely on your own. Mundahl Law offers limited-scope representation, also known as "unbundled" services or à la carte services. This option allows you the security of having legal guidance when it matters most, while reducing your costs and giving you flexibility.

Mundahl Law offers a number of different services. You may want to avail yourself of one or more unbundled services, depending on your needs.


Divorce and family law matters can be overwhelming; sometimes you just need to be pointed in the right direction. Mundahl Law offers consultation services which allow you to meet with an experienced Minnesota family law attorney and discuss your legal situation. The attorney will analyze the circumstances and explore your options with you so that you can make an informed decision about how to proceed and what to expect.

Document Preparation or Review

You and your spouse or ex-spouse may have reached an agreement, but now you need help putting that agreement into writing. It's critical to have a clear written expression of your agreement that is specific enough to be enforceable, but flexible enough for you both to live with. Mundahl Law offers document preparation services in which you provide the facts and terms of your agreement, and the attorney prepares a written agreement that you and the other party can sign, and then have your judge sign to make it legally binding. .

If the other party or their attorney has drafted an agreement, you should have it reviewed by an attorney who is working for you. An experienced family law attorney can explain any legal terms with which you are unfamiliar, and explain the implications of any provisions that may not be immediately apparent to a lay reader.

Guidance for Self-Represented Litigants

Self-represented litigants are also known as "pro se" litigants." The Latin phrase "pro se" means "for oneself." You may also appear pro se in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) settings, such as Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) or mediation.

Appearing on your own behalf can be intimidating, especially if the other party has legal representation. If you have never spoken on your own behalf at a hearing or negotiation, you may not know what to expect and may be worried that you will do something wrong. Mundahl Law offers legal coaching. Because limited-scope representation service is intended to help you prepare to represent yourself, it is more in-depth in nature than a consultation. The amount of coaching needed will vary depending on your circumstances.

Mundahl Law also offers document preparation service for clients who will be attending an evidentiary hearing in their family law matter. You have a limited opportunity to convince the judge of your position, so it is essential to have the right evidence, presented properly. Many clients find it beneficial to have both coaching and document preparation before a hearing.

Do You Need a Lawyer for Your Divorce?

With so much legal information available on the internet, you may wonder if it is even worth it to hire an attorney for your divorce, especially if you and your spouse have been able to work out many of the terms of a divorce settlement on your own.

At Mundahl Law, we have seen—and helped to address—the outcome of many DIY divorces gone wrong. As with many things, divorce is not as easy as the internet makes it look! At the same time, we believe that there are many aspects of your divorce that you may be able to handle on your own, as long as you have the right guidance and support available.

In family law, it is usually much easier to prevent a problem before it happens than to correct it later, so we are here to help you avoid pitfalls. Our philosophy is that you bring to the table your unique knowledge of your family and their needs; we bring to the table decades of experience in Minnesota divorce law. Together, we can craft a divorce tailored to your legal and financial needs, with as much or as little help from an attorney as you require.

The Cost of Limited-Scope Representation

Limited-scope representation is not right for all clients or all situations, but under the right circumstances, it can offer an economical way to get exactly the legal help you need. Because each case, and each client's needs are different, please speak with us to learn what you can expect the cost of services to be. We invite you to contact us to learn whether unbundled legal services from Mundahl Law is the right option for you.

Located in Maple Grove, Mundahl Law serves Hennepin County and the surrounding areas of Minnesota, including St. Michaels, Rogers, and Buffalo. If you need an experienced and compassionate Minnesota family law attorney to help with any part of your case, contact Mundahl Law online or call us at (763) 575-7930 so that we can start helping you resolve your family law issue.