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Small Business and Divorce

Dividing assets can be a contentious aspect of divorce even when you don’t have much to fight over. When a small business is among the marital a… Read More
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Discovery: Do I Have to Tell Them Everything?

You knew divorce would mean splitting your assets. But now you’ve come to the point where you actually have to start identifying what those asse… Read More
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Discovery: How It's Handled in Divorces

You may not think of it as one, but divorce is, technically, a lawsuit. And like other lawsuits, the rules of civil procedure apply. This means that e… Read More
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What is "Fair and Equitable" in Personal Property Division?

Minnesota, like a majority of states, divides property in divorce according to a system of “equitable distribution.” This means that marit… Read More
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Wills, Trusts, and Divorce in Minnesota

Divorce is a stressful process. Between worrying about the well-being of your children, your financial future, and grieving the loss of the marriage y… Read More
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Wills, Trusts, & Small Children

As a parent, you want to do everything possible to protect your children. You buy safety equipment, research the best daycare centers and schools, and… Read More
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The Cohabitation Alimony Reform Bill: What it Means for Minnesota

If you are receiving spousal maintenance (alimony), and your divorce decree states that payments will terminate on remarriage, what do you do when you… Read More
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How the Affordable Care Act Affects Your Divorce

Some unhappy couples stay together for the sake of the kids. Others do it because of religious beliefs or because they can’t afford to live apar… Read More
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“I Should Have Known Be…

“I Should Have Known Better:” First-Person Divorce Stories

We at Mundahl Law regularly blog about family law issues, but from time to time, we’ll be sharing this space with clients and others who have ex… Read More
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How Major Life Changes Af…

How Major Life Changes Affect Your Child, and Your Custody

Studies have shown that when undergoing life changes, the more control people have over a transition, the more successfully they navigate it. Divorce,… Read More
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Physical, Mental, and Che…

Physical, Mental, and Chemical Health: How They Affect Your Minnesota Custody Case

In this latest installment of our series of blog posts on Minnesota child custody law, we’ll focus on parents’ health issues, and the impa… Read More
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Caretaking and Custody: W…

Caretaking and Custody: What Has Changed in Minnesota

Not all that long ago, two assumptions were prevalent in family law: one parent, almost always the mother, was the “primary caretaker” of the chil… Read More
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Domestic Violence and Min…

Domestic Violence and Minnesota Custody Disputes

In our last several blog posts, we’ve discussed the recently amended “best interests” factors that Minnesota courts consider in deciding cus… Read More
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“The Reasonable Prefere…

“The Reasonable Preference of the Child” in Minnesota Custody Cases

As we’ve discussed in recent blog posts, Minnesota custody law, which is based on the “best interests of the child,” has recently updated th… Read More
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Why do I need an Estate Plan?

A common response when I mention that I help clients with their estate plans is “I don’t need an estate plan. I don’t have anything.” Usually… Read More
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