• Divorce is hard, it doesn't have to be awful
  • You don't have to have your parents' divorce
  • Most folks are just looking for instructions on the process and want to handle it themselves

We created this self-guided workshop to help folks like you, who want to handle your own divorce and want clear information, from a professional, on how to do it right. This workshop is designed as a series of self-paced videos that cover all the most important legal aspects of divorcing in Minnesota, including detailed descriptions of legal terminology, paperwork, how to file, filing fees, and links to the court website where you can download the correct forms.

This workshop will also walk you through all the important considerations to take into account when completing your paperwork so that you and your spouse can come out with a divorce decree that you can live with.

The course curriculum contains 4 self-paced video modules with detailed information on all you need to know about doing your own divorce in Minnesota.

The best part is, this is a no-risk investment. If you take this course and decide that you still need full representation from an attorney, you can hire an attorney from Mundahl Law, and we will give you full credit for the cost of this workshop from your final bill at the end of your divorce.

We want you to have as successful a divorce as possible. Even with the help of this workshop, a self-represented divorce may not be appropriate for folks dealing with more complex relational or financial circumstances such as co-ownership of a business or multiple properties, spousal support, domestic abuse, or unresolved child custody disputes. If you are in one of these circumstances we strongly suggest that you contact an experienced family law attorney so that you are able to find the best resolution possible.

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Cost: $200