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Divorce decrees are legally binding contracts whose effects last long after they are signed. After working in family law for over 30 years and seeing the consequences of so many poorly written divorces decrees, attorney Susan J. Mundahl has created the DIY Divorce workshop to help self-represented folks have better divorces. The DIY Divorce workshop is for people who would like to handle their own divorce but would like some assistance understanding the legal aspects to avoid the common pitfalls of self-represented divorces. The workshop focuses on explaining the divorce process with practical information about how to split your finances, fill out, and file legal forms to help you minimize time, costs, and the remorse of a bad decree. There is an optional add-on at the end of the workshop explaining child custody, parenting time, and how to calculate child support.

Workshops are 9am-1pm on the 4th Saturday of each Month using Zoom digital platform. There will be breaks and time for questions throughout the workshop. Payment and registration below. After registering you will receive materials and a zoom link via email.


  • DIY Divorce $200
  • DIY Divorcing with Children $250


  • March 28th
  • April 25th
  • May 23rd
  • June 27th
  • July 25th
  • August 22nd
  • September 26th
  • October 24th
  • November 28th
  • December 26th


  • This class is intended to provide basic information regarding Dissolutions of Marriage in Minnesota. Neither presenter has the intention of giving legal advice on your particular matter, nor is this information intended to replace legal advice with an attorney. This presentation does not establish an attorney/client relationship with any of the participants.
  • $0.00

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Thank you so much ... for all your help and for making this process as easy and as quick as possible.”
– Julia

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