Torn photograph of wedding cake topper. Visual concept for legal blog discussing one of the most challenging aspects of the divorce process: not knowing what to expect. This blog explains four of the phases of a divorce.

Understanding the Divorce Process: The Four Phases of Divorce

May 29th, 2024
One of the most challenging aspects of divorce for most people is not knowing what to expect. Lack of familiarity with the divorce process can make it feel like life is out of control, at a time when you are already dealing with major upheaval. At Mu… Read More
Couople sitting across from each other with Divorce agreement and wedding rings placed between them. Visual concept for legal advice blog.

I’ve Been Served With Divorce Papers. Now What?

April 22nd, 2024
Maybe you and your spouse have discussed divorce, and you have been anticipating this moment. Or perhaps you had no idea that your spouse was thinking about divorce, and you’ve just been blindsided by a process server handing you divorce papers. Ei… Read More
Default divorce concept. Cropped view of middle-aged woman taking off wedding ring, thinking about breakup with her husband.

What is a Divorce by Default?

February 20th, 2024
You’ve probably seen a movie or TV show where one spouse wants a divorce, the other doesn’t, and the spouse seeking to get unhitched has to chase the reluctant spouse down to get them to sign divorce papers. Sometimes, just to add spice, the spou… Read More
Portrait of a serious man with half his face in the shadows Visual concept for family law blog: Dealing with Narcissists and Other Personality Disorders in Your Divorce

Dealing with Narcissists and Other Personality Disorders in Your Divorce

December 21st, 2023
Divorce is never easy, even under the best of circumstances. But when you are divorcing a narcissist or someone with another personality disorder such as Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), divorce can be a living nightmare. You’re trying to get… Read More
Sign that reads I want a divorce: concept for how to tell your spouse you want a divorce.

How to Tell Your Spouse You Want a Divorce

June 21st, 2023
Few words are harder to hear from your spouse than “I want a divorce.” But those words can be just as difficult to say, and how and when you say them can set the tone for the difficult months ahead. Before you talk to your spouse about ending you… Read More
Pregnant wife kicking husband out of house, breakup, problems in family life. Concept for divorcing when pregnant.

What to Expect When You are Pregnant (and Divorcing)

April 27th, 2023
Pregnancy is a time of new beginnings. So, in its own way, is divorce. But when you are navigating both pregnancy and divorce at once, you face some unique challenges. Divorcing while pregnant can be difficult on both a personal and a legal level, so… Read More
Two women celebrating at their LGBTQI+ wedding in the North East of England. They are both holding flowers and hands, walking through their guests laughing while everybody throws confetti. Concept for Surviving a Second Marriage (or Why Second and Third Marriages Often End in Divorce).

Surviving a Second Marriage

February 21st, 2023
Everyone loves a love story with a happy ending. Everyone who gets married, and everyone who loves the happy couple, hopes that the wedding is the start of their “happily ever after.” Unfortunately, for 50% of first marriages, statistics tell us… Read More
Head shot young woman giving psychological support help to dark haired man, concept for spouse asks for divorce.

5 Things to Do After Your Spouse Asks for a Divorce

January 26th, 2023
You may have seen it coming, or you may have been blindsided. Either way, it’s never easy to hear your spouse say the words out loud: “I want a divorce.” What you do next matters: for your finances, for your mental health, for your children, an… Read More
View of a wedding ring dropped in water. Concept for What to Do With Your Wedding Ring After Divorce.

What to Do With Your Wedding Ring After Divorce

December 21st, 2022
There are plenty of things to do with your old wedding ring after divorce—but you have to get through your divorce first. Schedule a consultation with Mundahl Law to learn what to expect from the divorce process and what to do after divorce. Read More
Hand putting Coins in glass jar with retro alarm clock for time to money saving for retirement concept for Handling Pensions in a Divorce

Handling Pensions in a Divorce

September 16th, 2022
As everyone knows, part of divorce is dividing up the property you have accumulated during your marriage. Certain assets are easier to divide than others, of course. For example, it’s easy to determine the value of a bank account and to split up wh… Read More