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Dedication, experience and compassion. Our belief in the importance of acting responsibly and advocating for our clients translates into a compassionate relationship. We work with our clients, ensuring that they achieve a positive solution to their problems. We bring our wealth of knowledge to bear on each case, treating each client with the respect they deserve.

Legal situations are difficult at best. We work with individuals in despair or in unworkable circumstances, helping them rise up from the ashes like a phoenix. We work with our clients in a positive manner, helping them grow and move forward. At Mundahl Law, our clients' needs are important. We focus on aiding them so that they can start fresh.

Children are not a prize to be won. At Mundahl Law, we advocate on behalf of the best interests of the children involved in each situation, working diligently so that their needs are met. Rather than create contention or sow discord, we work hard to create a resolution that meets the needs of the children and is amenable to the parents involved. Children deserve the love and attention of both parents in their life.

We focus on the future.  We realize that long after we have finished your case, you will still need to function within the decisions that were made during the time that we represented you.  At Mundahl Law, we see our clients going through separation, divorce, or custody matters as one family learning to function as two.  We believe that by working to establish an understanding that will allow families to move forward we can help our clients find the stability that they will need to create a better future.


We were frustrated and did not know where to turn with business financial issues.  We were referred to [My attorney] by a consumer credit counseling service.  We found her to be extremely competent, compassionate and efficient.  She made this dif… Read More
– Lynn Z.

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