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Modifying Minnesota Spousal Support: Lessons from In re: Marriage of Madden

The Minnesota Court of Appeals recently decided a case that could have implications for future cases involving spousal support in the state—not to mention existing spousal support cases. Let’s tak… Read More
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Funding Your Child's Divorce: Money into Black Hole

Don't Blow Your Retirement Savings on Your Child's Divorce!

It’s common to hear about parents breaking the bank to pay for a child’s dream wedding; comedic movies and TV shows have even been built around this premise. But nobody makes a show about… Read More
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Typewriter page: New Life Chapter One

Divorce for Professionals: Tips for Busy Professionals Facing Divorce

Divorce is never easy. But if you’re a busy professional, such as a physician, dentist, certified professional accountant, or an attorney, divorce holds special challenges for you. You may be wo… Read More
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Divorce & Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy and Divorce: What You Need to Know

Two of the most common reasons that marriages end in divorce are incompatibility and financial problems. Those two factors aren’t mutually exclusive, of course, which means that many people are… Read More
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Divorce and Small Business

Small Business and Divorce

Dividing assets can be a contentious aspect of divorce even when you don’t have much to fight over. When a small business is among the marital assets, property division can go from contentious t… Read More
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Basics of Calculating Minnesota Child Support

Under Minnesota law, both parents are obligated to support their children in accordance with their respective incomes. The state calculates child support according to what’s called an “Inc… Read More
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Three Things to Remember When Your Parents Pay for Your Divorce

We’ve all heard the statistic: roughly half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. This translates to one divorce every thirteen seconds, and well over 6,000 divorces every single… Read More
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The Cost of Not Hiring an Attorney

You may have seen cars sporting bumper stickers that say, “If you think education’s expensive, try ignorance.” There could just as easily be one that says, “If you think hiring… Read More
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Budgeting for Divorce

Budgeting for Divorce

For many people, the idea of budgeting–for anything–is unpleasant. Budgeting involves putting pencil to paper, or fingers to keyboard, and taking a hard look at finances in black and white… Read More
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Karon Waivers: Why You Must Talk to an Attorney Before You Waive the Right to Modify Spousal Maintenance

We’ve already discussed in this space the basics of awarding spousal maintenance in Minnesota, but we’ve touched only briefly on the concept of modifying spousal maintenance.  Normally,… Read More
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A True Professional Susan Mundahl represented me in a visitation/support modification case in 2011. My ex-wife and I do not agree on any facet of parenting and the process was complicated and wrought with emotion. Not only did Susan handle my case… Read More
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