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Divorced Homemaker Mom in Kitchen with Two Kids

Homemakers and Divorce: What You Need to Know

Marriage is a partnership, which means each spouse has his or her own role in making things work. When divorce happens, you need to figure out how to make everything work on your own. A spouse who nev…
Man Who Lied to Attorney with Long Pinocchio nose

Nothing Good Happens When You Lie to Your Attorney!

It’s human nature to want to save face and not look bad in front of others, especially those we perceive to be in a position to judge us. We tell our doctors that we haven’t been eating sw…
Girl with Tap Shoes

Can Your Parenting Plan Be Too Detailed?

There’s no doubt that a lack of detail in custody agreements and parenting plans can send parents back to court seeking clarification. To avoid this, some parents try to envision every possible…
Divorce in court - gavel and wedding rings

Are Judges the Best Way to Find Justice in Your Divorce?

“I want my day in court!” We hear this over and over from clients, usually those who have been privately wronged and want to be publicly vindicated in a court of law, with a judge declarin…
Elephant - Perception is Not Reality in Divorce

Your Perception is Not Reality in a Divorce

Have you ever heard the expression “blind man’s zoo?” It refers to a story in which a number of blind men surrounded an elephant and were attempting to describe it. One with a hand o…
Funding Your Child's Divorce: Money into Black Hole

Don't Blow Your Retirement Savings on Your Child's Divorce!

It’s common to hear about parents breaking the bank to pay for a child’s dream wedding; comedic movies and TV shows have even been built around this premise. But nobody makes a show about…
Male or Female Divorce Attorney

Does it Matter Whether I Have a Male or Female Divorce Attorney?

Often in our practice we see or hear of clients who are seeking an attorney of a specific gender when it’s time to divorce. Frequently, the client feels that having a male or female attorney wil…
Honesty About Property During Divorce

Discovery: Do I Have to Tell Them Everything?

You knew divorce would mean splitting your assets. But now you’ve come to the point where you actually have to start identifying what those assets are, and committing them (as well as your liabi…
Trust Your Family Lawyer

Trust Your Family Law Attorney!

In a movie, when a character says “Trust me, I’m a lawyer,” the implication is clearly that the character is not to be trusted. In real life, though, you absolutely should trust your…
Parenting and Social Media

Parenting and Social Media

Are you old enough to remember “brag books?” They were miniature photo albums in common use in the 1970s and 1980s. Parents and grandparents would pull them out at the slightest provocatio…


[My attorney] has been my attorney for a year and a half and has helped out with multiple post-divorce related issues, including a matter that went to trial a couple months ago. [My attorney’s] expertise was invaluable and her diligence and a…
– Child Support Client

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